Where to Buy our Velcro Morale Patches

Velcro Morale Patches

This is a list of our current authorized dealers.  Please click on their banner to purchase our morale patches.

We are currently seeking additional dealers.  Please contact us for a dealer packet, and to set  up an account.  We offer the best velcro patches on the market.  This is because our velcro morale patches are not only some of the newest designs around, but also because our velcro morale patches are made from the highest quality materials around.  We take pride in offering only the best morale patches in the market.  From concept, to design, to production, our velcro morale patches offer the best patches on the net.  Please take a second to look through our dealers websites and see what velcro morale patches they offer, and you will see that ours are the best our there.

Velcro Morale Patches at Shades of Gray Tactical

Shades of Gray Tactical is an authorized dealer of Tactical Morale Gear Patches 





Above you see the banners to the dealers that are currently authorized to seek our velcro morale patches.  Please visit their sites to see what they have to offer in the line of velcro morale patches.  We know these retailers to be reputable and have good customer service, and this is why we have chosen them to sell our velcro morale patches.  Velcro morale patches have come a long way, and you will see that with the quality not only in customer service that our vendors provide, but also with the quality of our velcro morale patches, you will have a good experience and great morale patches for a long time to come!  Please check out our velcro morale patches, we appreciate your business.


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  1. A great place to buy these patches is at Velcro Morale Patches I found it easier to post the direct link than try to find it from the homepage

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