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Please click on the link above to visit our morale patch shop.  Tactical Morale Gear designs, produces, and sells morale patches.  All of our morale patches have hook velcro sewn onto the back of them.  We guarantee our morale patches to be the highest quality in the industry and they won’t disappoint.  This is the place where are morale patches for sale are located.


Please visit our morale patch store by clicking the cart and let us know what you think.  We also like our customers to submit new morale patch designs, as this is how we know what you want, and our goal is to produce the morale patches that you want.


All of our velcro patches are made to withstand the rigors of all your tactical endeavors, from airsoft, to actual tactical missions, our patches will last and make a great immersion.  We produce patches out of PVC (rubber), cloth, and embroidered.  We believe that each medium that a patch is made out of have it’s pros and cons and we like to give you the opportunity to pick the material that is going to work best for you.


The shipping cart link will take you to our morale patch store, which is where you can buy morale patches.  Our morale patch store is easy to navigate, easy to understand, and quick to ship all your orders.  We have the ability to ship a large number of orders from our online morale patch shop.

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